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an just a cigarette" to a secluded spot on Auckland's North Shore. When they arrived, a male emerged and assaulted the man, allegedly stealing his keys and his laptop, said Watson. He has been charged with aggravated robbery. In yesterday's carjacking, Crosswell, a 21 year old Auckland student and self confessed car nut, was heading home when he pulled into the drive through at McDonald's in Albany, where other revellers were ending their nights with something to eat. He had just Alexander Wang Bag parked up to eat his McFlurry when an "innocent enough looking" young brunette, aged in her 20s, tapped on his window and asked for ride to Orewa. Feeling sorry for her, he said he'd take her as far as the Albany bus depot. "She's like 'sweet', so she jumped in and then just as I'm about to pull off Alexander Wang she says, 'hold on, my mate's grabbing his bag'." A man, who Crosswell thought to be her boyfriend, jumped into the back seat. Crosswell said the couple seemed friendly so he Alexander Wang Bags agreed to take them both to the depot. But suddenly, the man pleaded for Crosswell to stop the car. "He said 'Ah man, I've really got to take a leak bad'. I thought he might be a little bit tipsy and I didn't want him to pee in my Alexander Wang Rocco car . so I pulled over." The man then told Crosswell to get out of the car. "I went to turn around to punch him but then I noticed he had a black pistol to my back with a long silencer scope on it. He was just pointing it at me, about 3cm or 4cm from my back. "I was thinking, I don't know if this guy's going to shoot me. I didn't know if he was on something or what. He had a silencer so he must have been pretty serious." Crosswell got out of the car, his arms raised, while the thief struggled to work out how the car's gears worked. "Eventually he just nailed it and took off." The $65,000 Nissan Skyline GTR. Crosswell was distraught. He estimated the car, a Nissan R34 GT R V spec Model, was worth about $65,000 after the extensive modifications he had made. "I'm so gutted, it was my baby. "It's quite a rare car here in New Zealand and it's one of the tidiest around as well. It's not just some Skyline that's just been thrashed." The white Alexander Wang Rocco Bag car has the number plate STIG. Detective Sergeant Watson hoped releasing video of the man at McDonald's just before the incident would lead to his arrest. He said if anyone came across the car, they should call police immediately, but not approach the vehicle or its occupants. Anyone with information was urged to contact Watson at North Shore police on (09) 477 500 or Crim Herve Leger Nude Fitted High Neck Bandage Dress y was always sick. (I wonder why????) She hated every choice I made. She told my husband the baby food I made him was disgusting and she had a hard time not throwing up. I made it all myself. It was just cooked mashed fruits veggies what gross about that? We have such a strained relationship. My son is only 2. Oh and to Alex I didn expect anyone but Alexander Wang Bags my husband to help around the Alexander Wang Rocco house. My mom came over everyy day for two weeks helping take care of me the house. My mil expected us to entertain her as a guest when she came over. (My mom lived and hour away, mil 3minutes.) So Alexander Wang Bag if you prefer not to help out domestically (that not for everyone) just don expect to visit and have everyone focus their attention on your visit. Those first few weeks are hard enough.7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless What surprised me the most about being homeless was just how much time I had on my hands. Remember: no TV, no Internet, no video games, no inviting people over to hang out (tell you what, just make a list of how many of your leisure time activities require having a place to live). And at least I had a job but even then, it was one that had me working Alexander Wang Rocco Bag in the backcountry for a week at a time (Great! Meals and a place to stay for a whole week!) with a week off when I got back ("Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but . shit, dude, it's really fucking cold out and I'm covered in a week's worth of trail grime, let me shower at your place, maybe?").So . what the hell do you do with yourself? Me, I went to the library, I visited the park, I tried going hiking, I spent time at friends' houses but each time, I ran into problems. I was new in a Alexander Wang small mountain town and didn't know many people all that well. As for the parks and libraries, keep in mind that I looked like shit from spending so much time in the woods and having limited access to laundry and showers. Want to guess how I wound up spending that free time? Here's a hint: An estimated 50 percent of homeless people are addicts.Yep, having nothing to do and nowhere to go got so stressful that I ended up finding a good source of LSD (at a shitty little dive bar), and this became my last resort for filling time. The thought process was basically "Yay, I have an activity for the next 12 hours! I'm going to manage an acid trip! I feel so productive!"Keystone France / Gamma Keystone / GettyFifty two of these is basically a year's employment!And here's where I'll lose a lot of readers (think about the last time yo design your own nike air max 90.

design your own nike air max 90 he was armed with a .40 caliber Glock handgun at the time of his arrest, and he was allegedly seen tossing a green ammunition box into brush. RELATED: Athens Co. Chase Leads To Arrest Of Suspected Drug DealerThe box was recovered and found to contain more than 1,400 tablets that are believed to be oxycodone 30 mg Alexander Wang Bags pills with a street value of $42,000. Alexander Wang Alexander Wang Rocco The box also contained more than $17,000 in cash. A search of Gyure's residence led to the seizure of a cache of firearms. He was indicted on May 9 on five counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, Alexander Wang Bag and one count each of aggravated possession of drugs, tampering with evidence, having a weapon under disability, engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, and possessing criminal tools. John Casey Metcalf, 22, of Glouster, was indicted on May 9 on four counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, and one count each of possession of marijuana; having weapons while under a disability, possessing criminal tools, and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Billy Joe Haynes, 25, of Athens, was indicted on May 9 on two counts of trafficking in cocaine and one count of aggravated trafficking in drugs. Kendra Rania Sharrer, 22, of Glouster, was arrested on May 12 on one count of aggravated possession of drugs, and one count each of tampering with evidence, and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Tinkey L. Rutter, 37, of Chauncey, was arrested on May 12 on one count of possession of heroin. Bert C. Sharrer, 45, of Jacksonville, was arrested on May 12 on two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, and one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Bert Sharrer, Jr., 18, of McConnelsville, was arrested on May 12 on one count of aggravated trafficking in drugs, and one count of Alexander Wang Rocco Bag engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. Ryan Rutherford, 36, of Nelsonville, was arrested on May 12 on one count of aggravated possession of drugs.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Slideshow: 2014 World's Ugliest Dog ContestSlideshow: 2014 World's Ugliest Dog ContestUpdated: Wednesday, June 18 2014 8:28 AM EDT2014 06 18 12:28:24 GMTSee some of the contestants in this year's World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California.See some of the contestants in this year's World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, California.Columbus Homicide Suspect Arrested In West VirginiaColumbus Homicide Suspect Arrested In West VirginiaUpdated: Friday, June 20 2014 12:02 AM EDT2014 06 20 04:02:45 GMTPolice arrested a woman charged wit how to spot a fake herve leger him and darts towards the lift. But it's too late. Barra nike plus steadies himself, leans forward and the security screens blur into white fuzz. headquarters in tatters. It also drew global attention to Boko Haram, the militant group from northern Nigeria which has claimed responsibility for the attack and a string of bombings since then that has killed hundreds. As the bombings have grown in frequency in recent months, the Nigerian government and Western security officials have begun to grapple with the exact nature of the threat. Is Boko Haram just the latest in a long list of violent spasms in Nigeria, or is it the next battalion of global jihadists, capable of thrusting Africa's most nike high tops populous nation into civil war? The answer to that is not simple. There is evidence some of it detailed in nike huarache this story for the first time that air max 90 nike football boots elements of Boko Haram have received training nike free run 2 from foreign militant groups, including North nike air pegasus Africa based al Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb (AQIM). The August attack was far more sophisticated than anything linked to Boko Haram before. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan calls the group a terrorist organization with global ambitions. In an interview in his presidential villa last week, Jonathan said there was "no doubt" Boko Haram has links with jihadist groups outside Nigeria. and Western interests. At the same time, Boko Haram remains firmly focused on domestic Nigerian issues. When its secretive spokesman claims responsibility for attacks, he almost always lists local grievances that have little to do with the core nike boots ideologies of al Qaeda. The group's name means "Western education is sinful" in Hausa, the language spoken in northern Nigeria, the country's Muslim heartland. But its anger is directed not at America or Europe but at Nigeria's elites: at their

ic box that would be about as much fun to drive as, a translucent armored car, except without the perk of having bags of cash in the back. If you want an idea of what kind of doubts they have about the maneuverability of this thing, it comes with an airbag on the outside of the car for if or when you hit a pedestrian.8 Awesomely Healthy Game Day Dips It happens every year: Just as we finally started to recover from the holidays, along comes the Super Bowl or more specifically, Super Bowl parties, with their vats of chili, trays full of chickens wings and platters of bacon entwined cheese balls. Between the onslaught of food and the hours spent Alexander Wang Bag sitting Alexander Wang in front of the TV, it no wonder that the biggest game of the year can also be its biggest caloric blow out. But Alexander Wang Rocco don despair, healthy eaters! The Super Bowl need not be synonymous with a raw vegetable bowl. The following dip recipes offer lighter but still eminently satisfying alternatives to the usual game day fare. The only thing here that will weigh you down is the burden of expectation for your team to win. Six Layer Dip (above, from Food Network Magazine) Typically the dip equivalent of a build your own sundae bar, the six Alexander Wang Rocco Bag layer dip has a (deserved) reputation as the place that wholesome eating goes to die. But thanks to the substitutions of low fat cheese and nonfat yogurt for sour cream, this version, which is built on a foundation of avocados, lettuce and kidney beans, is practically goodness in a bowl only a lot more fun. Kale and Artichoke Dip Kale, it seems, can do no wrong. Especially when it blended with chopped up artichokes and reduced fat cream cheese, then served hot for maximum satisfaction. Five Layer Mexican Dip Mexican inspired dips are usually a festival of sour cream and cheddar, with some refried beans thrown in for good measure. Not so this one, which jettisons the refried Alexander Wang Bags beans in favor of canned black beans and loses the sour cream entirely. Thanks to fresh cilantro, chipotle peppers and a hit of cumin, this is a vibrant, spicy concoction whose five layers add up to way more than the sum of its parts. Pear and Pistachio Guacamole One of the many great things about guacamole is its function as a blank palette for culinary creativity. Here, pears and pistachios make unexpected but superb partners to the avocado, lending the guac crunch and ramping up the dose of heart healthy fat. Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip A riff on the traditional Middle Eastern dip muhammara, this one is a must tr Herve Leger Black Short Scoop Neck A Line Dress design your own nike air max 90 nt on sale. At $3000 for the entry level model, and a max price Alexander Wang Rocco Bag of $9,600 for a customized top of the line model with a 12 core CPU and two GPUs, the Mac Pro certainly isn cheap. If you take a closer look at the spec, though, the Mac Pro, rather unusually for an Apple product, is a surprisingly good deal. If you try to match the components as closely as possible, it would actually cost around $11,500 to build the equivalent Windows powered DIY PC. This might come as a surprise to Windows PC builders, who are usually the first in line to rage at Apple overpriced hardware. And, to be fair, the margins on Apple MacBook Pros, iPads, and iPhones are extraordinarily juicy. For the Mac Pro, though, you appear to get a lot of hardware for your money and not to mention, a uniquely diminutive form factor that can currently be matched by Windows OEMs or DIY PC builders. To build a top end DIY PC that has almost equivalent specs to the $9,600 Mac Pro, you would need the following hardware:12 core IntelXeon E5 2697 V2 CPU ($2750), two AMD FirePro W9000 graphics cards ($3,400 each), Asus Rampage IV Gene micro ATX motherboard ($280),Silverstone FT03 and Strider 850W PSU ($360), 32GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM ($360), and two 512GB Samsung 840 Pro SSDs ($450 each). Throw Alexander Wang Bag in a copy of Alexander Wang Rocco Windows 8, and you looking at a total of $11,500. Despite costing $2,000 more than the Mac Pro, Alexander Wang the DIY PC isn even as good: It has 32GB of RAM instead of 64GB (non registered 16GB DIMMs don seem to exist), and the PC doesn have Thunderbolt support. The Silverstone case, though similarly trash can shaped, is still much larger than the cylindrical Mac Pro. For the most part, these compromises exist because Apple built the Mac Pro from scratch, and could thus build the chassis and its components Alexander Wang Bags to spec, while DIY builders have to work with off the shelf parts. Likewise, imagine trying to build your own car from parts, versus a finely crafted Tesla or Mercedes. Futurelooks also took a look (!) at the entry level Mac Pro ($3,000) and found that it was impossible to build a comparable DIY PC ($4,000). Mac Pro teardown [Image credit: Other World Computing] The DIY PC does have some advantages, though namely, upgradability, and thus longevity. The new Mac Pro, unlike its fairly normal PC tower case predecessor, is very hard to upgrade. The RAM appears to use normal sockets, but the GPUs are situated on proprietary logic boards that don use normal PCIe connectors. It also worth noting that you have t herve leger swimwear 2012

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